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Company Profile

Company Profile & Qualify Employed

2.1 Postal Address
  Work/ Factory G-27, Site-B, Surajpur Industrial Area
    Surajpur Industrial Area, Gearter Noida, Delhi NCR, India
2.2 Telephone Numbers
  Work/ Factory 0120-3103047, 9350277254,
2.3 Telefax/Email ID
  a) Head Office
b) Work/ Factory
0120-4348076, rpcranes2001@rediffmail.com, info@rpcranes.com
3 Descriptions of Factory/Works
  a) Total Land Area in sq. M
b) Total Covered Area
1000 Sq. Meters
1000 Sq. Meters
4 Number of Personeels employed (Category Wise)
  a) Managerial
3 Nos. 1) Diploma Mechanical
2) Diploma Mechanical
3) MBA & Diploma in Mechanical
  b) Supervisory
3 Nos. 1) Diploma Electrical
2) Diploma Mechanical
3) Graduate
  c) Skilled Artisans 8 Nos.
  d) Unskilled 5 Nos.
5 General Information Technical
5.1 Description of different department
in the factory/works and function of
each department along with an
organisation chart.
Detailed description of machinery
and plant in each department.
Marketing, Production, Quality Control
Inspection, Purchase, Maintenance, Personeel & Administration.
Function related to their respective day to wok.
1. Lathe Machine = 3 Nos.
2. Slotter
3. Milling Machine
4. Pug Cutting Machine
5. Generator 62 KVA
6. Dril Machine
7. Grinder
8. Hydraulic press
9. Safer
10. Load Testing Arrangement
11. Welding Machines
12. Other Testing Equipments
5.3 Details of raw-material held in stock Steel Plate, Chennel, Section.
Gears, Gear Boxes, Motors, Brake & other Electric Goods
5.4 Production Capacity  
  a) Per Month
b) Per Year
2-3Crane, 5-6 Electric Hoist
30-40 Cranes, 60-90 Hoists
5.5 List of other items which firm EOT Crane/HOT crane/Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  regularty manufacturers Gantry Crane, Goliath crane, Winch Machine, Jib Crane, Chainpulley Block, Chain Hoist
5.6 Other Product Heavey Steel Structure Fabrication
6 Design Capability  
6.1 Details of Qualified Personnel Design Department is headed by a person
    having eight year experience in crane line.
He is assisted by a Draughtmen who is Diploma in Mechanical Engg.
6.2 Other Facilities Available Chemical Lab for chemical elements testing
D.P. Test
Electrical Sequence testing, High Voltage
testing, Load Testong,
7 Manufacturing Process  
7.1 Level of in-hours facilities we are having all facilities manufacture Quality Cranes and Hoist
7.2 Important items of works done by out side vendor Heat Treatment, Chemical Testing form reputed laboratories.
8 Quality Assurance  
8.1 Is Firm Certified for ISO 9000 or equivalent We are adhering to quality assurance program strickly as per Indian Standard
IS 3177 & IS 807, 800 for Crane.
IS 3938 for Electric Wire Rope Hoist
8.2 Details of Quality Assurance
Organisation name of key personnel
their qualification, designation and
position in overall management
Quality Control Department is headed
by a qualified Q.C. Manager ans Assisted
by to quality inspector.
8.3 Quality Control Testing Facilities Chemical Test Apparatus Chemical and testing instruments
Electrical Sequence Testor High Voltage Testor
8.4 Available of Guages Calibration of test/lab equipments/guages is done by in house by Q.C. Manager.
He keeps a record of such tests. Duration of tests is after every six months.
The instruments are changed is not in have a good condition.
8.5 Calibration of Laboratory/ Test
Calibration of test/lab equipments/guages is done by in house by Q.C. Manager.
He keeps a record of such tests.
Duration of tests is after every six months. The instruments are changed is not in have a good condition.
8.6 Source Procurement of Raw-Material
important bought-outs and steps
taken to ensure their quality
We generally procrue raw meterials from manufacturers/authorised dealers & stockists

Steel is procured from SAIL through authorised stockists, dealers alongwith relevent test certificate.
Brought-outs item ready to fit in crane are bought from reputed manufacturers/ stockists, dealers alongwith relevent test
These items/sub assemblies are checked by inspectors as per our requriement
8.7 Details of Inspection/check done
on material during various stage of
above manufacturers process
Visual Inspection
Dimensional Inspection
Chemical testing of various elements
Hardness tests
Electrical Test
Diagonal tests
Hook Approch tests
Alignment checks
Running trials for gear boxes
8.8 Have acceptable value for the
parameters inspected during above
stage check have been laid down?
Yes as per IS 3177 & 807
9 After Sales-Service  
9.1 Facilities available at works and
Branch office
Maintenance and servicing personnel are available at works & after sale service is provided from our works
with readily available stock of fast moving spare parts
9.2 Assessment of Quality of service Any problem is being attended to in shortest possible time by our service engineers.

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